Industry4Ukraine Platform Roundtable
Industry4Ukraine Platform Roundtable

On February 17, representatives of the Automobile Industry Federation of Ukraine participated in a strategic session of Industry4Ukraine coalition platform participants. The platform exists as a dialogue platform between government, industry and technology, and was launched in June 2019.

Today, more than 50 organizations are members of the platform - 35 associations and business associations, and 15 individual companies and organizations. In the second half of 2019, under the auspices and participation of platform representatives, several important events and projects took place in the country - Second Ukrainian Industrial Week, 2 roundtables on cooperation and finding synergies between business and government, establishing an export committee, etc.

The purpose of the event was to discuss a number of strategic issues that are not agreed between its participants, such as: Is the need for regular meetings of the platform members, or is it sufficient to have a strategic session twice a year to formulate policies, strategies and evaluate its activities? What joint partner projects are relevant to the Platform Manifesto? What are the participants' expectations of the merger? How to increase the reputation of the platform in the international arena? How to Find Points of Entry and Initiate Policy Implementation in Industry. Are the roles and functions of the platform limited solely to lobbying for individual high-level provisions in government and parliament? How to effectively allocate and reconcile roles between participants in the collaboration.

Representatives of the Automobile Industry Federation of Ukraine presented their position based on the need to identify concrete steps for the priorities of the platform's activities, its strategic initiatives in a rapidly changing environment. In addition, they offered to identify the strengths of the organization, its competitive advantages and opportunities. The participants also insisted on the need to audit the problems and risks of the industrial sector in order to formulate an activity strategy and tools for its implementation.

The event resulted in plans to formulate specific tasks and formulate a resource map that would determine the specific contribution of each platform participant to its activities.

REVIEW №75 (11.02.2020) Photo report of event 2019
REVIEW №75 (11.02.2020)

Photo report of event 2019

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