The mission of the Federation of Employers of Automotive Industry is simple and clear: more high quality vehicles of Ukrainian production.

The Federation has set an ambitious aim –developing of competitive automotive industry in Ukraine and increasing the export potential of the industry.

In every way the Federation supports a clear intention to develop Ukrainian automotive industry, aspires to support fair competition in the domestic automotive industry. We are sure that the achieving equality between participants of the Federation, development of the integrated growth of the automotive industry plan within Ukrainian economic policy is the only possible way leading to the qualitative and quantitative growth of automotive sector of the national economy.

The Federation  grounds its activities on the following principles:

  • Legality. We oppose any illegitimate and illegal activity of the Federation participants. We will also organize our activity only based on the requirement of the current legislative field.
  • Voluntarily.  All the representatives of the national automobile industry have the right of free entry to and termination of membership in the Federation.
  • Equality.  Members of the Federation shall be guaranteed equal rights of participation in industry associations, regardless of their commercial, operational or production characteristics.
  • Self-management.  Decisions are taken by the Federation permanent members through the open-direct voting. The activity of the Federation is open for its members, experts, public authorities and media. The Federation makes commitments for the regular representation of information about its activity using all available channels of communication.
  • Responsibility. The Federation `s members undertake to relentlessly perform collegiate solutions of the Federation and agreements (contracts, memoranda), concluded by the Federation.
  • Protect the interests of participants. The Federation accepts needs and aspirations of its participants as top priority of its activity.
  • The complexity and systematic approach.  In its activity the Federation  is taking into consideration all possible external and internal factors, overt and latent factors, direct and indirect factors of national and international political, economic and legal environment.

We are convinced that a national automotive production is able not only to satisfy the domestic demand of vehicles, but to become a leading export industry of a national economy as well.

We are going to do our utmost to reach this aim.

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REVIEW №72 (1.08.19)

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