The Federation  directs its attention on the following activities to implement the strategic tasks in order:

1) To ensure representation of interests.

The founders of the Federation consider the protection of legitimate rights and interests of employers in relations with public authorities, with authorities of the Autonomic Republic of Crimea and local government as one of its priorities trade unions; and other organizations of hired employees, other associations of citizens; institutions.

The Federation is conducting a common policy on the development and reinforcement of mutually advantageous branch and inter industry branch relations at National and International levels.

The Federation represents the interests of the automobile industry in the mass media, takes care of information support by consolidating branch representatives position in the information space.

The Federation assumes a liability to create an effective platform for thoughts and ideas exchange, representing the automobile industry conferences, symposia, congresses work both in Ukraine and abroad.

2) To attract innovative management and engineering practices, international best practices, and investment.

The Federation  sets oneself a task to bring innovation  management and production experience to the automobile industry, which would stimulate the development of new and modernization of existing facilities for production vehicles, components and materials; effective use of the latest science and technological achievements.

The Federation aims to play a considerable role in the establishment of direct contacts between national and foreign vehicle manufacturers, component parts, fuels and lubricants manufacturers; sale operators, servicing and utilization operators.

3) To analyze, criticize and suggest.

The Federation aims to take an active position in the development and implementation of social and economic policies, to take part in the implementation of state regulatory policy.

The Federation undertakes to conduct organizational, technical, financial, economic and legal evaluation of programs and drafts of legal acts that directly or indirectly may affect the economic, industrial and commercial activities of the members of the Employers' the Federation .

The Federation  plans to generate scientifically based scenarios of social-economic development (National and Sectorial levels) including the model of balancing demand and supply of labor force, the algorithms to prevent mass (mostly hidden) unemployment by encouraging the creation of new jobs, ensuring support of  the rational structure of employment in the industry.

4) To conduct monitoring and forecastings.

The Federation strives to become a reliable source of information on the national and international vehicles markets by creating the unified statistical and information database.
Employers' association pays special attention to the identification of current and potential trends, events and phenomena of national and international automobile industry.

REVIEW №73 (18.11.19) Нова парадигма автопрому. Факти. Аналіз. Прогнози
REVIEW №73 (18.11.19)

Нова парадигма автопрому. Факти. Аналіз. Прогнози

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